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Join the Movement to End Sexual Violence

It’s been 5 years since the #MeToo movement went viral. Join me too. International in celebrating their groundbreaking progress by joining the movement to end sexual violence! Head to their website or text METOOACTION to 24020 to join.

Pledge to be an Abortion Advocate

We will fight with everything we’ve got to build a country in which everyone who needs an abortion has access to the care they need. Now more than ever, we need abortion advocates to join us in an effort to protect abortion access. Pledge to be an abortion advocate with USOW and take your activism to the next level.

Protect Sacred Places

We must all stand together to protect sacred places. Sign Native Organizers Alliance’s petition supporting two bills that would help increase Indigenous voices and bring more Indigenous input to decisions regarding Native places on federal lands.

Support Employees with Disabilities

Employees with disabilities deserve to be paid a living wage. Join the American Association for People with Disabilities in supporting the Transformation to Competitive Integrated Employment Act and urge our elected officials to recognize the importance of fair and competitive disability employment.

Help Make the State House, Her House

It’s time for all 50 states to have women as the majority. VoteRunLead’s Run51 initiative is working to ensure all 50 states have a women majority in their state legislatures. Sign up to run or nominate a co-worker or friend to run for public office in their state!

Become an LGBTQ+ Youth Crisis Support Counselor

Make a difference by volunteering with The Trevor Project to support LGBTQ young people! As a Crisis Support Counselor, you will be on the front lines, working one on one with LGBTQ young people to help them navigate tough times and to prevent suicide.

Featured Actions

Swipe through for actions you can take to advance reproductive freedom, economic security, climate justice, and voting rights.

Pledge to be an Abortion Advocate

One in three American women now live in states where they no longer have control over their bodies. Now more than ever, we need abortion advocates to join us in an effort to protect abortion access. Pledge to be an abortion advocate with USOW today, and to take your activism to the next level.

We need a Georgia Reproductive Freedom Act

Georgia needs a Reproductive Freedom Act! Sign Amplify Georgia’s petition demanding that Georgia lawmakers repeal the bans that stand between us and our care and affirm our right to decide.

Support the Pregnant Worker’s Fairness Act

Across the country, pregnant people are denied accommodations and often forced off the job when they need it most. Moms, especially moms of color, can’t afford this discrimination. Tell Congress we need the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act now!

Stand up for Climate Justice

Join Georgia Interfaith Power & Light in urging President Biden to advance approximately 20 protections across federal agencies that could cut climate pollution in half by 2030, advance vital public health and environmental justice goals, accelerate the transition to clean energy, and create new economic opportunities.

Make a Voting Plan

When all women vote, we are a force to be reckoned with. Make your voting plan with USOW today to make sure your voice is heard at the ballot box!

Black Voting and Power Building

Join the National Coalition on Black Civic Participation’s Unity ’22 Black Voting and Power Building, a non-partisan integrated Black voter engagement and census awareness campaign, focused on leveraging the leadership, power and impact of the Black vote and census participation in the midterm election.

Volunteer to Help Voters

Holding safe and secure elections is vital to our democracy. Volunteer with the Southern Poverty Law Center to engage and mobilize voters, restore voting rights to returning citizens, pursue electoral policy reforms, and bring litigation to challenge unconstitutional and discriminatory voting practices.

The Feminist To-Do List

 It takes less than one minute to fight the patriarchy

Want to get involved but only have a few minutes to do so? Check out these quick actions you can take!

Keep Student Loan Payments Paused

Recently, a federal judge blocked President Biden’s plan to cancel student debt. As many borrowers face uncertainty around their loans and with payments expected to resume on January 1st, the payment pause must be extended. Sign Student Debt Crisis Center’s petition urging President Biden to extend the payment pause until the President’s debt cancellation plan is executed.

Support Homeless Youth

All of us need support on the journey to adulthood. Youth experiencing homelessness have a particularly steep climb to adulthood. The federal Runaway and Homeless Youth Act (RHYA) program prevents trafficking, identifies survivors, and provides housing and service options to youth in need. Urge your representatives to co-sponsor this critical legislation!

Protect DACA recipients

The DACA program is in grave peril and Congress must take immediate action to create permanent protections for DACA recipients. Every immigrant deserves to be treated with dignity, compassion and respect.

Support the Family Violence Prevention and Services Improvement Act

The Family Violence Prevention and Services Improvement Act (FVPSA) is critical, lifesaving legislation that survivors rely on. It’s time we told Congress to take steps toward sustainably supporting survivors and preventing violence through FVPSA. Tell your Senators to reauthorize this critical piece of legislation!

Protect Marriage Equality

The Respect for Marriage Act would enshrine marriage equality in federal law and require nationwide recognition of all valid marriages without discrimination based on sex, race, ethnicity, or national origin. Urge Congress to pass this crucial piece of legislation today!


WNBA star Brittney Griner has been wrongfully detained in Russia since February 17. She is a 31-year-old Black queer woman. Brittney should have the same benefits and protections as any other U.S. citizen. We demand that our elected officials prioritize her safe return home. Join Black Feminist Future to #BringBrittneyHome.

Urge Congress to Prioritize Funding for Survivors

Domestic violence affects millions of victims each year and has increased in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The economic impacts of the pandemic have greatly impacted survivors and only exasperated the existing inequalities in our society. Urge Congress to prioritize funding for survivors!

Stand With Student Loan Borrowers

Borrowers with older loan types are now being excluded from broad-based debt cancellation. We must come together to stand with borrowers of older loan types who deserve cancellation. Urge the Department of Education to allow borrowers with these loans to receive the debt cancellation that was promised to them!

For the five minute feminist

Have some extra time to commit to taking action today? These actions are perfect for you!


We all have a role to play in the fight for abortion access–including corporate America. Join Ultraviolet to help stop the corporate funding of abortion bans.

Stop the Criminalization of Abortion

With the overturning of Roe v. Wade, doctors are forced to choose between providing care and serving jail time due to state abortion bans. Join #VOTEPROCHOICE in supporting local leaders who are committed to ensuring that no doctor or patient is criminalized for giving or receiving life-saving care.

For the volunteer with a vision

If you’ve got a few hours or more to spare, take your pick from the actions below!

Become an SDCC Ambassador

Volunteer to help Student Debt Crisis Center help spread the word about student debt cancellation and help others apply! As an Ambassador, you can become the reason why someone’s life is changed through student debt cancellation!

Become an EROC Volunteer

The EROC team is looking for volunteers! Help them build a brand new tool that will equip survivors, students, parents, and schools with vital information. Join the EROC research squad today!

Superwomen Wednesdays

Join Supermajority every Wednesday at 7pm ET for Superwomen Wednesdays, a place to come together and take action. This year, Superwomen Wednesday will include text banks, phone banks, and teach-ins focused on making the Majority Rules a reality for everyone.

Together our small actions can make a big impact. We’re building a network to connect you directly with causes and the organizations working on the issues you care about most.

Join us in taking action in the fight for gender equity.