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It is critical we talk about the ways gender disparities affect our daily lives, communities, and policies — even in ways we don’t think about — every day. From student loan debt to CPR training; from COVID-19 impacts to homelessness, every issue is a gender issue.

About USOW

The United State of Women (USOW) aims to create a world in which women and all people of marginalized genders can thrive. Through education, community, and action, USOW amplifies issues at the intersection of gender and racial justice and galvanizes organizations, public figures, elected officials, and everyday feminists of all genders to drive policy and culture change.


We build coalitions across nonprofit organizations, academic institutions, pop culture influencers, political leaders, and grassroots activists to amplify inequities impacting women and girls. We proactively empower our community to take action in the fight for justice of all forms.


We educate our community about intersecting issues that impact women and girls, especially women and girls of color. We amplify conversations about the ways gender inequity permeates every aspect of our culture and the policies that affect our everyday lives and provide our greater community with easy-to-understand information about policies and the latest news in legislation.


We empower everyday feminists across the country to take tangible actions, big and small, in the fight for justice for all women. Regardless of experience or knowledge, USOW provides accessible opportunities for all who are interested in making a difference.

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Principal Demands

It’s time to reimagine how we can protect our K-12 Black girls and gender expansive youth. Learn more about gendered racial bias in our schools and contact school officials.

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