About USOW

Our Mission

The United State of Women aims to create a world in which women and all people of marginalized genders can thrive. Through education, community, and action, USOW amplifies issues at the intersection of gender and racial justice and galvanizes organizations, public figures, elected officials, and everyday feminists of all genders to drive policy and culture change.

Our History

Born out of the Obama Administration’s White House Council on Women and Girls, USOW holds a unique position within the gender equity movement. We sit at the uncommon intersection of policy, community engagement, culture change, and leadership development. Since 2016, we’ve served as a go-to platform for partners, stakeholders, and our community to address issues facing women and other marginalized genders.

Barack Obama

Our Impact

After almost 5 years of programming and activations, USOW continues to engage, educate, and energize our growing community of activists and partner organizations. Here is a snapshot of our impact.



Have joined our trainings, workshops, and events since the 2016 United State of Women Summit.



People received our message and calls to action across Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.



In 44 U.S. states and territories leading the local fight for gender equity in their communities.



Readers on our Forbes Platform with contributors ranging from USOW Ambassadors, partners, and more.



Eligible voters encouraged to build their November voting plans during the When All Women Vote Week of Action.