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The Feminist To-Do List and Joy is Resistance

The Feminist To-Do List is an action-oriented newsletter brought to you by the United State of Women! If you need help getting your Feminist To-Do List together, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. We scan the web for all things intersectional feminism and deliver what you need to know —and what you can do about it—right to your inbox every other Friday. Sign up for bi-weekly action items, events, and news on everything from organizing to pop culture!

Joy is Resistance is a newsletter to honor and uplift joy during each Heritage Month. The title gives a nod of gratitude to poet Toi Derricotte, who coined the phrase, “Joy is an act of resistance.” Throughout the month, on a weekly basis, we recommend curated books, tv and film, and small businesses all created by and for women and gender nonconforming folks in the community we are honoring. We also share ways you can take immediate action to support the community through events, petitions, and more.


With the help of advocacy experts (and friends!), USOW breaks down the gender and racial equity issues you care about most on the #StateOfWomenTV! During each 15 minute episode, special guests like Vice President Kamala Harris, Tarana Burke, Brittany Packnett, and Alice Wong answer questions from our community and provide clear next steps to take action! Watch now on Instagram!

Past Work

COVID-19 Vaccines

Women are this country’s living infrastructure. Throughout the pandemic, women stepped up to take care of their families and communities. Once the vaccine was introduced, we followed women leaders in communities across the country in an effort to successfully recover from the pandemic and return to the activities we love.

When All Women Vote Week of Action

In August 2020, we celebrated the centennial of the 19th Amendment by hosting our first When All Women Vote Week of Action. In partnership with When We All Vote, we highlighted the enduring disenfranchisement of women of color and challenged more women across the country to take the pledge to join us— making the United State of Women 10,000+ women stronger.

The Child Tax Credit

The United State of Women led a campaign to reach low-income families and build trust in the Child Tax Credit benefits program. This campaign supported eligible women, particularly young mothers of color, in registering for the Child Tax Credit via the IRS tool and consisted of a targeted creative campaign; technical assistance briefings in 15 states; and several text-bank where volunteers did direct outreach to families.

We Have Her Back

Of the 115 people who have served on the Supreme Court, only 3 have been people of color — and only 5 have been women. With your support, Judge Jackson has been confirmed, bringing the court one step closer to representing the diversity of our nation.

The Gender Pay Gap

Pay inequity affects women’s lives and careers year-round, but it doesn’t impact all of us in the same way. We’re working to close the wage gap for women, especially for Black, Hispanic and Latina, Native, and AAPI women, because we believe we’re worth the whole dollar.

The Violence Against Women Act

The United State of Women teamed up with the cast of TV Land’s hit series Younger on a public service announcement in support of the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act.


Conceived by JOAN and supported by the United State of Women, this new product is designed as an attachment for current CPR manikins, with the intention of getting trainees accustomed to the female body and driving equality in cardiac intervention.

Hands Off My Birth Control

Actress and activist Sophia Bush helped USOW explain the importance of access to birth control. It’s basic healthcare for women—not just a contraceptive—and it shouldn’t be up for debate.